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Yamanashi Prefectural Fujisan World Heritage Center

6663-1 Funatsu, Kawaguchiko-town Yamanashi pref. 401-0301 JAPAN
TEL:0555-72-0259 FAX:0555-72-0211

Opening Hours (The Northhall is opening every day of the year,Southhall close at 4th tuesday of each month.)

Admission ends 30 min. before closing time.
・Apr. 1 – June 30: 08:30am –5:00pm
・Jul. 1 – Jul. 15: 08:30am – 6:00pm
・Jul. 16 – Aug. 26: 08:30am –7:00pm
・Aug. 27 – Sept. 30: 08:30am – 6:00pm
・Oct. 1 – Mar. 31: 08:30am –5:00pm

Fees (South Hall)

 JPY 420 / adult
 JPY 330 / adult in a group of more than 10 people
 JPY 210 / university and college student
 JPY 170 / university and college student in a group of more than 10 people
* No admission fees are required for the following people.
・Students in high school or under (Please note that we may ask for showing your student identification cards.)
・Physically challenged people and their caregivers (Please note that this applies up to 1 caregiver for each physically challenged person. Also, we may ask for showing the identification booklet for the physically challenged. )

From Kawaguchiko area

By bus

Kawaguciko Sta. → RETRO BUS (5 min.)  → Get off at “Prefectural Fuji Visitor Center Entrance”

By car

From Chuo Expressway Kawaguchiko IC  300 m
From Higashi Fujigoko Road Fujiyoshida IC  600 m

From Tokyo area

By train

Shinjuku Sta. → JR Chuo Line (1 h 30 min) <1 h by limited express> → Otsuki Sta.→ Fuji Kyuko Line (40 min) to Kawaguchiko Sta. (the terminal)

By bus

Shinjuku →Chuo Highway Bus (1 h 45 min) → Kawaguchiko Sta.

By car

Shinjuku → Chuo Express Way 93 km (1 h 20 min) → Kawaguchiko IC



From Kansai area

By train

Nagoya Sta. → Tokaido Shinkansen "Kodama" or "Hikari" (1 h 37 min) → Shin-Fuji Sta. → Fujikyuko Bus (1 h 37 min) → Kawaguchiko Sta.
Nagoya Sta. → Tokaido Shinkansen "Kodama" or "Hikari" (1 h 50 min) → Mishima Sta. → Fujikyuko Bus (2 h) → Kawaguchiko Sta.

By bus

Nagoya Highway Bus via Tomei Express Way to Kawaguchiko Sta. (4 h 50 min)

By car

Osaka → Meishin Highway 199 km (2 h 30 min) → Nagoya → Tomei Express Way 242 km (3 h) → Gotemba IC → R138 10 km(15 min) → Subashiri IC → Higashi Fujigoko Road 18 km (20 min) → Fujiyoshida IC

From Nagano area

By car

Nagano City →Nagano Expressway 82 km (1 h 10 min) → Okaya JCT → Chuo Expressway 87 km (1h 10 min) → Ichinomiya-misaka IC → R137 → Kawaguciko


Car/ bicycle parking areas

Car parking area

The car parking area at Fujisan World Heritage Center is free of charge.
Capacity: Large-sized buses up to 29 (when passenger vehicles amounting to 54) or passenger vehicles up to 78 (when large-sized buses amounting to 17)
As the area has a one way traffic system, please follow the direction signs.

Bicycle parking area

Parking area for road bikes has been developed.