Yamanashi Prefectural Fujisan World Heritage Center



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About the admission to the Center

Is reservation required for the admission to Fujisan World Heritage Center?

Fujisan World Heritage Center is to open on Jun. 22nd in 2016.
Please note however, that the opening hours of the South Hall will be limited after 4 pm for general visitors on that day due to the opening ceremony.
No reservation is required for individual visitors.
For a group (about 20 or more visitors or visitors using chartered bus), please download the Group Visit Application Form in advance to fill in the necessary items, and fax it to Fujisan World Heritage Center.
Also, please kindly cooperate in mitigating the congestion in the Center and in safe and smooth entering and exiting from the bus.
* When a group visit is requested on the spot due to changed schedules or other reasons, please call Fujisan World Heritage Center.

Please tell the opening/closed days and hours of Fujisan World Heritage Center.

Opening Hours: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (last admission by 4:30 pm) * Subject to change depending on the season.
Opening hours of shop and restaurant: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Days closed: Opening every day of the year (However, the South Hall may be closed sometimes for maintenance or other purposes.)

How much is the admission fee for Fujisan World Heritage Center?

 There is no charge for admission.

Is there a parking area in Fujisan World Heritage Center?

There are specified areas for passenger cars, cars for the physically challenged, and sightseeing buses.
We thank you for your cooperation in using the area accordingly.
Please note that they are free of charge for both ordinary vehicles and buses.

Is smoking permitted in Fujisan World Heritage Center?

Smoking is prohibited inside and outside the buildings as well as at the parking.

About the facilities

What are exhibited in the World Heritage Center?

Please refer to About the Center.

Are there any materials for producing guides for this tour?

From the website pages, you can download materials such as pamphlets and worksheets. Please note that you need to check the contents in your guides every year because things might be renewed except for those exhibited in the Museum.

Is a wheelchair rental system available in Fujisan World Heritage Center?

Yes. Wheelchairs are rented here. However, you are required to contact Fujisan Heritage Center in advance as their numbers are limited.

What is the situation of making barrier-free in the Center?

We have facilities such as elevators and restrooms for the physically challenged, and the rental wheelchair system. As for the case of the groups such as the special class for challenged children, the special support education schools, the mentally as well as physically challenged people's facilities, we request you to have a talk about previous arrangements with our person in charge before visiting the Center.

Do you give guidance or explanation about exhibited objects and the component parts of Fujisan World Heritage Center?

In South Hall (Fujisan World Heritage Center), there is a staff to give explanations. However, we ask visitors to understand that sometimes it would be hard for us to answer the request for explanation especially during busy periods.

Are there any efficient way of using this Center?

Please refer to the following methods:
1.You can walk around inside the Center while utilizing the Voice mobile navigation named “FUJIMEGURI” (Introducing the exhibition).
2.You can apply for receiving the Education Program to learn about major points from our education staff. Please apply for this one month before your visit.
3.Worksheet: Mainly for children and students in school groups, we provide the worksheet of which themes and levels being set for each floor.

Can we leave trash here?

Please take any of your trash with you.